“We were also very struck by knowing for the first time all the dynamics of the theme of donation. In seeking the right way to disclose to others, we learned”. “The interesting thing is that we are using social media in a different way and I think the idea of ​​reaching young people could work using their own language, which is also ours ». Voices of students. Fiorella, Veronica and Anastasia attend the fourth at the IIS Ruffini Institute in Imperia. The protagonists of the National Day for organ donation for the year 2021, announced by the Ministry of Health for Sunday 11 April, on the recommendation of the National Transplant Center (CNT) and the most representative voluntary and patient associations at national level, will be their own. Because it is to them that Aido (Association for the donation of organs, tissues and cells) has asked to organize on the morning of Friday 9 (from 10 to 12.30) a live broadcast on the national Aido Facebook channels; YouTube; Instagram and those of Ruffini YouTube; Facebook; Instagram (iis Ruffini).

The direct

The Ruffini guys have thought of everything: from the ideation (concept, graphics, lineup, project documents, interviews, promos, clips, videos), directing and conducting. With Massimo Cardillo, director of the National Transplant Center (CNT) will leave discovering an Italian network of donations and transplants which not only withstood the brunt of the pandemic, but which has even produced innovative protocols worldwide and European record-breaking interventions, such as the professor Mario Nosotti, director of thoracic surgery and lung transplants at the Policlinico di Milano, «first Covid-19 transplant in Europe». To do the “honors of the house”Flavia Petrin, president of Aido. “We can’t hide there concern about an opposition rate in intensive care which is always too high e for the increase in opposition to the donation collected to the renewal of identity cards: hateful data that Aido has always fought by promoting the culture of donation and the ethical and social value of that simple “yes” capable of saving the most precious asset: that of life ». Moderate Sergio Vesconi, scientific director of the corporate body of Aido.

Italy in connection

The Ruffini boys will connect the school’s Italy in the «path of Aido’s Yes». The High School of Human Sciences Paolina Secco Suardo of Bergamo, the ISISS Tonino Guerra of Novafeltria (Rimini), the Michele Guia Higher Education Institute in Assemini (Cagliari), the Empedocle Scientific High School of Messina they will examine all the fake news, none excluded, on the theme of donation and transplants. The Giulio Romano Art School of Mantua will give away the closing video of the initiative and the Liceo Scientifico A. Scacchi of Bari will bring social comments and shares to life. «If adults were as generous as young people, we would probably save a few hundred more patients every year – underlines Massimo Cardillo, director of the CNT -. The data of the declarations of intent registered in the Municipalities we are told that, while on average more than one third of citizens oppose the levy, the percentage of no it drops to 27% in the 18 to 30 age group, while it rises to 42% over the age of 60. Resistance and fears about donation are much less of a hold on young people, also because they are often more informed. Here because awareness-raising work in schools is fundamental: building a culture aware of the gift among the younger generations means rooting it among the adults of tomorrow ».

What do the teachers think

«We have built a space managed and designed by and for the students, connecting different schools from five distinct geographical areas of Italy to tackle a complex issue such as that of the Donation. 2020 has made an abstract concept such as that of the pandemic substantial, but above all it made dramatically tangible a word that previously existed for adolescents only as something opposite to the life drive, the concept of “death”. Speaking of donation in a scientific and correct way means seriously addressing important and essential issues, which form a citizen capable of conscious choices. But speaking of donation also means combining despair with hope, finding a key to reading and accepting the unacceptable and incomprehensible, like a pandemic, like the death of a loved one. Is it important that the school, in collaboration with the associations of reference, takes an active position with respect to this instance of listening and understanding? Yup. These Service Learning activities, i.e. learning for the benefit of the community, are truly interdisciplinary and oriented towards meaningful learning. They have repercussions on transversal skills and soft skills because they create self-esteem and self-confidence, therefore autonomy; they develop adaptability and resistance to stress and help students plan and organize, identify goals and priorities and take time into account for organizing work. You learn to work together as a team and to live leadership, you learn to communicate. By actively participating in civil and cultural life, one becomes aware of the social value of one’s activities; you learn to use modern forms of digital, visual and multimedia communication, also with reference to online communication. Furthermore this project develops European skills of cultural awareness and expression, entrepreneurial and citizenship and that fundamental ability to learn to learn », say the teachers.

…. and the students

Silvia, who is part of the technical direction of the IT course, Rts, summarizes the experience of these days during which the boys continued to plan the event: “This live broadcast is very important for us, it is the second Ruffini event. Live for Lives, this time with Aido. We are all putting our heart and soul to carry it forward, putting our technical skills into play in order to make this moment unique and unforgettable. We can’t wait for April 9th ​​to take you with us in this fantastic project, and also to rest ». Giulia, Gabriele and Olgierd are almost at the end of their schooling and near the diploma of tourist expert: “Organize this event it is not easy due to the current pandemic and preparation for maturity. For this type of direct we have created a hashtag, # RL4L, which identifies the organization of events in favor of the community. These initiatives help us grow and better cope with problems. We are very happy to have participated in this new project with which Ruffini is committed as a real agency, we also have the name ITT’S Time; agency in which we are all united and always ready to learn new things. Even if we are in fifth place, we are happy to participate because these are the last months that we will spend at school and it makes us feel good to think that we have managed to do a lot, despite this bad period we are experiencing ».

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