Gauri Kishan, Anaka, who supports homosexuals || Gauri Kishan, Anaka, who supports homosexuals

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Gauri Kishan Anaka’s Supporting Homosexual Music Album has been released on YouTube.

Record: November 23, 2021 23:13

Gauri Kishan, who starred in 96, Master, Karnan, and Anaka, who starred in Nadpe Thunai and Dikilona, ​​have teamed up for the music album Makhilini. Written and directed by VG Balasubramanian and produced by Trending Entertainment and Kaustuba Media Works, the pro-gay album has been released by Sarikama Originals.

Gauri and Anaka have acted as homosexuals in Makhilini. The theme of the album, which was filmed in six days, is how they succeed in their efforts to make their families understand the relationship between the two.

Balasubramanian, the director of Makizhini’s album, who is co-directing Vikram’s Cobra film directed by Ajay Gyanamuthu, said, “The idea behind Makhilini is to make the community aware of the so-called LGBT homosexuals.

Malar (Gauri) from Chennai and Induja (Anaka) from Delhi meet Bharatanatyam. During a rehearsal, love catches fire within them. The director is showing what happens next.

Govind Vasantha’s music, Madan Karki’s lyrics and Kirthana Vaithiyanathan’s composition are the backbone of this album.

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