“George Floyd killed by the police”, the medical examiner’s report

by time news

George Floyd’s death was caused by the way he was held by police officers. This was stated by an expert at the court during the murder trial in which agent Derek Chauvin, the one who placed his knee on Floyd’s neck, is accused.

According to the expert, Floyd died after the officer knelt on his neck after stopping him for trying to use a fake banknote in a convenience store. Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a forensic pathologist who retired from the Hennepin County coroner’s office in 2017, told the court, “This is a death in which both the heart and lungs have stopped working. This is. due to the compression of the police “.

Chauvin’s defense has always maintained that it was the use of drugs or Floyd’s heart disease that killed the man. But the autopsy ruled out heart attack, aneurysm and other causes, and Dr. Thomas added that it wasn’t even a drug overdose death.

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