Girona is the second Spanish province to consume more propane gas

Girona is the second province in Spain to consume the most liquefied gas from piped oil. The counties of Girona are, with 9,974 tons, only behind Madrid (32,951 tons) in terms of the use of this fuel also known as propane gas or LPG. This is stated in a report by the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), which also places the province as one of the largest consumers of LPG in the country. The Competition document analyzes the evolution of the LPG market distributed by pipeline networks in 2021, and details the companies that carry out this regulated activity, their market share by sales and number of customers in 2021 and their distribution in the different provinces.

In this line, the body not only places Girona at the forefront in terms of number of tons, but also in relation to the number of customers. It is the fourth region in this field, with 21,987 users in 2021, 3.5% more than the previous year. The list is led by Madrid (47,527), followed by Cantabria (36,745) and Lugo (22,784).

According to Miquel Castro, commercial director of Primagas, the province is a major consumer of propane gas “because there are many regions where the natural gas network does not reach or has many difficulties to do so.” According to the representative of this propane gas company, these areas do not have to be remote, “but can be a few kilometers from the city of Girona, but in an area difficult to access.”

Castro points out that most Primagas users in the province are restaurants, hotels and cottages, although there are also vehicles that use it as fuel (also called “autogas”, present in some gas stations). In the case of businesses that use it, the commercial director of the firm says that they opt for LPG instead of diesel because of its price and because it does not release so many emissions. “Before, they used coal. Then they switched to diesel, and now we are gradually seeing how they opt for liquefied petroleum gas as an alternative because it is more sustainable, ”he says.

According to the Competition report, the year 2021 closed with a demand for piped LPG of 174,498 tons at the state level (equivalent to 2,415 GWh of energy), 2.02% (3,715 t) more than in 2020 The groups with the highest sales in the market as a whole were Nedgia (Naturgy) which ranks first, with 43.09% (75,193 t), followed by Redexis and Nortegas with 19.64% (34,268 t) and 16.88% (29,453 t), respectively, Madrileña with 9.47% and Dicogexa (2.67%). “Therefore, the market is concentrated in business groups that also carry out the activity of natural gas distribution, due to the synergies between the two activities, within the same geographical area,” said the CNMC. The rest of the companies together account for 8.26% of sales in Spain. The evolution of the number of LPG customers channeled during the period from 2020 to 2021, shows an increase of 1.1% compared to 2020. The number of customers grew by about 4,728 customers compared to 2020 which indicates a “low activity ».


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