Good debut for the World Cup qualifiers, Italy beats Northern Ireland 2-0 – Good first for Italy by Roberto Mancini, who beat Northern Ireland 2-0 in their debut match for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

All in all an easy victory for the Azzurri, decided by goals by Berardi and Immobile in the first half. Group C’s second match against Bulgaria on Sunday evening, 3-1 defeated by Switzerland today.

The script for the race was clear from the start, with Italy that holds the ball firmly in the hand of the game, while Northern Ireland remains on hold trying to be seen with some restarts. The match is unlocked in the 14th minute thanks to Berardi’s goal, launched very well by Florenzi.

Then before the interval there is also room for the seal of Immobile, who with a left stabs a not flawless Farrell. In the second half Mancini’s team is in control but in the 56th minute Locatelli’s lightness risks giving Whyte the 2-1 ball, neutralized by a careful Donnarumma who a few moments later also blocks a conclusion from Smith.

The blues seem to be satisfied and no longer raise the pace, leaving more initiative to the opponents who in any case do not create many other chances for the goal.

Only in the final McNair would have the chance to shorten with a sort of penalty in motion, but shoot high wasting everything. The triple whistle resists the 2-0.



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