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Daniele De Rossi he has never been afraid of anything and perhaps also for this reason that, even though he had been positive for Covid-19 for days and symptomatic (fever and cough), he waited a bit to do the CT scan at the San Camillo hospital in Rome. Outcome: onset of bilateral interstitial pneumonia. Warm advice: hospitalization at Spallanzani, the excellence of virology, because the precaution in these cases is necessary. Daniele, who hoped to be able to take care of himself at home, did what he did on the pitch with all the coaches he had: he listened and made himself available. In this case, the doctors of the Roman hospital that guarantees everyone, even if your name is not De Rossi, the best possible care.

The conditions of DDR do not seem worrying but its situation is naturally monitored. was overwhelmed with messages (the Friedkins wished him a speedy recovery, Napoli sent him a Forza Daniele!) and he tried to answer everyone. He can’t be happy, but a battle type. In an interview with Corriere della Serahe had described his approach to pain (from the football field) like this: Until Thursday, if they ask me, I’m out due to injury. On Friday maybe I can go to the bench. I play on Saturdays. Also because I don’t agree to be outside.

This concept of feeling in his place only in the midst of battle is what convinced him to accept a position in the national team. To add experience and complete his career as a future coach, De Rossi joined the staff and made his debut in the last world qualifying matches against Northern Ireland (in Parma) and in Bulgaria and Lithuania. Unfortunately he was involved in the blue cluster that hit five other staff members and eight players with him: Bonucci, Cragno, Florenzi, Verratti, Grifo, Bernardeschi, Sirigu (even if Turin has never formalized the name of his positive) and Pessina. De Rossi tested positive on March 31 and returned to Italy the next day with a special flight, together with the other two positive staff, obviously separated from the rest of the blue group.

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He spent the first few days in solitary confinement, hoping to be treated at home, but the symptoms did not go away and so he convinced himself to have more specific tests. in hospital as a precaution and no discharge date has been set. The situation will be evaluated day by day.

The news filled the social networks with posts especially from Roma fans, linked to De Rossi by a love that did not diminish even though Daniele stopped playing and went on an adventure also at Boca Juniors. Many have remembered that Francesco Totti, the other inseparable idol, who passed the test of Covid, also told his experience on Instagram: Hello everyone! As you have known in recent weeks, I have not been well. Now I have recovered and I can tell you with some relief that I had COVID and it was not a walk: fever not coming down, low oxygen saturation and strength leaving. The diagnosis was a blow to the heart: BILATERAL PNEUMONIA from Sars Cov 2 infection! Given the timeliness of the diagnosis, I was able to treat myself from home, 15 long days but now all over. Now it’s up to De Rossi, who was Captain Future. And as Daniele would say, in a word: Daje !!!.

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