Health: François Braun gives himself a year to “refound” the nursing profession

Health: François Braun gives himself a year to “refound” the nursing profession

2023-05-26 18:07:15

Entrusting new “missions” to nurses, reviewing their training and their career prospects: the Minister of Health, François Braun, promised this Friday to caregivers a “refoundation of the profession” supposed to “result in September 2024”.

“Investing in the future of this profession is a necessity”, he declared at the end of a symposium on the nursing profession organized at the ministry, adding that “this overhaul should be completed in September 2024”. Faced with the chronic shortage of caregivers, the first objective is to attract and retain them “by opening up the field of possibilities to them”.

Tutoring “during the internships”

The decree which defines nursing acts – and which has not been modified for almost twenty years – will therefore be reviewed from top to bottom to “move to a more agile approach, around major missions”. This will allow, for example, to give caregivers “all the necessary latitude” to take care of chronic wounds, said François Braun, also referring to other developments around heart failure and addictology.

The training of future nurses will also be “redesigned”, to curb the “too high loss of students” – 10% drop out in the first year – by developing tutoring “during internships”, but also learning “from the start of the next school year. “.

More advanced practice nurses

Repeating his intention to prohibit temporary work for young graduates, the Minister nevertheless wished to “give new impetus” to the careers of caregivers, relying on the status of advanced practice nurse (IPA) created in 2016. These more qualified caregivers in certain fields (cancer, dialysis, psychiatry) are currently less than 2,000 and “the objective is to reach the 5,000 mark” by the end of next year, recalled François Braun.

At the beginning of 2021, salaried or liberal nurses were 637,000 to practice in France.

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