Henley Rowing Regatta in Great Britain: Dress code allows women’s trousers

BAt the Henley Royal Regatta in Great Britain, spectators can now also wear trousers and trouser suits. The previous dress code of the traditional competition had prescribed women either to wear skirts or dresses that go at least above the knee. The regulations applied to the prestigious Stewards’ Enclosure, a spectator area for co-organizers, members and their guests, from which one has the best view of the regatta.

Georgina Grant, a student at Oxford University and member of the Women’s Boat Club there, started an online petition last year. In it, she denounced the dress code from the 1970s as “sexist” and “draconian”. “Men and women dress alike on the water. Why is it different in the country? ”The rowing regatta must adapt to the values ​​of the 21st century and set the same standards for men and women. More than 1,680 supporters signed the petition.

“Long live the revolution”

With success, as initiator Grant wrote at the end of July: “Henley has announced a new dress code that allows everyone to wear trousers. We made it! Viva la revolución !!! ”Regatta chairman Steve Redgrave told the BBC that it was time women were allowed to wear pants if they wanted to. However, this step is not a revolution, but an evolution.

She will attend the regatta in pants over the weekend, Grant told the PA news agency. The trousers category also includes jumpsuits, culottes and culottes. These – just like skirts and dresses – have to go above the knee, shorts are still not permitted, as are jeans. One would have expected such a headline in 1971, commented a user on Twitter.

This year’s event started on Wednesday and will last up to and including Sunday. For five days, clubs row over 2000 meters on the Thames in front of a large audience. School and university teams take part in the Henley Royal Regatta, which first took place in 1839. Last year, the regatta had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic.



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