How the founders of the social network Reddit imitated user activity

Reddit jokes

For many years, Reddit has been presenting new features on April Fools’ Day. Here are the most interesting ones.
On April 1, 2015, a one-minute countdown timer was introduced. It was reset if a new user clicked on it. The timer ran until June 2015, when no one pressed it for 60 seconds and it went to zero. In 2016, users were asked to select the color of one of the pixels on a large canvas. To paint another pixel, the user had to wait from 5 to 20 minutes. Eventually people began to negotiate to create large images together. One group drew a copy of Mona Lisa. In 2018, users were able to create password-protected subreddits. When a new member joined them, the system gave him a password to invite the next person. But the user could “betray” the community – refuse to share the password, and then new members of the subreddit could not be added in any way. And last year the Impostor game was launched. Users answered the same questions, and the artificial intelligence saw their answers and generated its own. Then each player was shown five answers and asked to determine which of them were given by real people, and which one was invented by an artificial mind – an “impostor”.



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