“I didn’t have the knowledge to speak in public”. The apology of the anti-Meloni professor

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About 24 hours after the confirmation of the suspension without teaching by the professor Giovanni Gozzini, who a few weeks ago used shameful and unrepeatable epithets against Giorgia Meloni, the teacher decided to speak. Reached bytime.news for a comment on what was decided by the University of Siena where he has been teaching for years, Giovanni Gozzini did not show himself contrary to what was established. “Whoever misses pays and whoever falls gets up“, said the professor, evidently convinced that he had made a mistake, although perhaps not fully aware of the gravity of his words.

I wouldn’t do it again, for heaven’s sake. My words were spoken during a broadcast we have been doing for 34 years and, also thanks to the lockdown and to do it at home and not in the studio, we lose cognition to be speaking in public“, said Giovanni Gozzini. What transpires from his words, therefore, seems to be the habit of using a certain language, which what he speaks in public evidently moderates for obvious reasons.

Giovanni Gozzini would like his case to be used as an example of the correct functioning of the university dynamics of merit and fairness: “The important thing is to give the message that at least at the University whoever makes a mistake pays. To Giorgia Meloni I had already publicly expressed the apologies and I just feel like reconfirming them to you and to all those who have felt offended“.

In the past few hours, the Board of Directors of the University of Siena accepted the opinion expressed by the Disciplinary Board a few weeks ago, confirming the suspension from teaching for the professor of Contemporary History. For the same period of time, Giovanni Gozzini will also be suspended from paying his salary. There sanction it had been directly proposed by the rector Francesco Frati, who immediately dissociated himself from his teacher. Gozzini himself, at the time of the events, said he was ready to put his post in the hands of the rector to preserve the good name of the University of Siena, one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in our country.

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In approving the proposal of the Disciplinary Board, the Board of Directors found “the relevance of the facts on a disciplinary level, the offenses against the Honorable Giorgia Meloni“. Giovanni Gozzini, however, had already been suspended on February 22 as a precaution, pending the ruling of the Board of Directors. In confirming the provision, the Board was keen to underline”the role of the University, a central cultural institution in society, and the responsibility that this role implies respecting the founding values ​​of our community, also on the ethical and moral level“.

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