Ibrahimovic, the motorcyclist: “He wanted to ride. I gave him the helmet and …”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Sanremo 2021 (Lapresse)

Sanremo, the motorcyclist speaks: “He wanted to drive Ibra! My wife didn’t believe me”

SANREMO: THE BIKER WHO ‘SAVED’ IBRAHIMOVIC, ‘WHAT AN EMOTION, I GAVE HIM MY HELMET’ – “I’m 49, I’ve never stolen, I’ve always worked honestly, and no one has ever phoned me. Today I’m inundated with calls for giving a ride to IBRAHIMOVIC. Funny no, how do you become famous? ”He tells time.news Franco Nocera, an entrepreneur in the construction sector, who became ‘the hero of Sanremo’ for having saved the Milan striker from traffic and bringing him to the Ariston in time. It was he, riding his T-Max, who was stopped by the IBRAHIMOVIC driver on the street.

Sanremo 2021, Ibrahimovic delays due to an accident on the highway,
arrives asking a motorcyclist to ride. Video

“Yesterday afternoon there was a big accident and they closed the motorway in both directions and all the traffic poured into the Via Aurelia. That’s why I decided to go out on a motorbike – he says – At around 7.45 pm, from Albenga , I was returning home to Borgio Verezzi, direction Ventimiglia-Genova “.

“Since the Aurelia was blocked, I went slowly into the middle lane and at Borghetto I found this black van with two people on board and I thought I saw Ibra. When the driver noticed it. , he rolled down the window and just Ibra he asked me to accompany him to Sanremo. I replied that there was no problem, that I would bring it. I had a helmet under the seat of the scooter, he got out and I saw a ‘mountain’ in front of me. For me, who are five feet tall, it’s really huge. “

“He got on, he wanted to drive but no, I told him he wasn’t talking about it. I called my wife to warn her, obviously at first she didn’t believe me – continues Franco – and told me to go home immediately. I braked my helmet, wider, and I put on my wife’s narrow one. Sanremo, I took the highway in Albenga, I who as a weekend biker had never taken it before, and I went out at Riva di Taggia. How much I was striving to have IBRAHIMOVIC behind me, I from Milan who, as long as possible, also went to the stadium. What an incredible thrill, it was all so unexpected and fast that I didn’t even realize it. I couldn’t even take a selfie. When we arrived in Sanremo he thanked me, he is a very human person, who put me at ease. They trusted me and fortunately I’m not a serial killer – he jokes – even if with Ibra it would have been difficult considering his size “.


Sanremo, Ibrahimovic talks about the motorcycle trip to the Ariston – “Yesterday was a daring evening, it began with an accident on the highway, we were stopped for three hours. But I had to arrive earlier, because Ama seems like Ibra can’t make it”. With irony Zlatan Ibrahimovic retraces the adventure that saw him protagonist in spite of himself last night when, due to an accident on the motorway, he was forced to get a ride from a motorcyclist to reach the Ariston stage. The Milan champion yesterday showed live a video that showed him in motion with the mask while walking through a tunnel. “I knew that no one would believe me and so I made a video, and since only my driver and my bodyguard knew what I was doing I was wearing a GPS to follow my path and check where I was going,” he revealed. Ibra. To the motorcyclist, the AC Milan striker said: “I drive so you are not responsible, and when we arrived he admitted that it was the first time he went on the highway”, revealed the champion. Who, once he arrived at the theater, admitted that he needed “extra time to calm down, I had too much adrenaline”


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