“If it goes on like this we will win the America’s Cup”

Rome, March 13 (time.news)

“This is the third time this has happened: we win the first regatta and lose the second. If it goes on like this we will be the first to win the seventh regatta and win the America’s Cup”. He tells the time.news Cino Ricci after the new tie between Luna Rossa and New Zealand. “Now we have to understand if this happens due to a relaxation of the Italian crew or because during the day the wind increases”, giving the New Zealand boat an advantage: “But we should be there to understand it, we do not get data on this” .

“But today I saw Spithill, at the end of the first race, say to everyone ‘guys, wake up!’, As if to say that there is still the second race. It seems to me that Bruni also said something similar to the crew. today I sent a message to Max to tell him that he has entered the history of the America’s Cup, only the Moro di Venezia had won a regatta against the kiwis and he has won three. He must continue like this “, concludes the Azzurra skipper.


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