in Lotito 7 months of inhibition, team fined-

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The feared sting there was not, the Court of Figc has recognized cblameworthy Lazio and three of its members for the case tampons but the penalties – especially for the club – were lighter than expected: fine of 150 thousand euros to the company, ban on Lotito for seven months and for one year each ai doctors Pulcini and Rodia.

The ruling has somewhat (but not too much) filed down the requests of thethe Prosecutor’s Office, which had proposed a fine of 200 thousand euros for Lazio, 13 months and 10 days of disqualification for the president, 16 months each for the two health managers.

Gian Michele Gentile, waiting for the judging panel to issue the verdict, he had defined these very exaggerated requests, underlining: They are the result of a wrong view of the whole story. Indeed, the fact of having avoided the penalty was to be seen as a success. In any case, the prosecutor has announced the appeal.

The inhibition for Lotito not serious enough to make him forfeit his federal office, an event that would have occurred if the sum of the disqualifications of the last ten years had reached twelve months. In reality, adding these seven months to the two previously had, the fateful threshold is not touched.

A sigh of relief for the president of Lazio, who had tried to free himself from any responsibility in the defensive brief presented by the club. In reality some of his faults have been acknowledged, but insufficient to make it lapse.

March 26, 2021 (change March 26, 2021 | 17:23)

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