What can be done to reduce pollution in the city – edited by Cristina Marrone /CorriereTV

The quality of the air we breathe has a profound effect on health in general. In the world there are 9 million deaths per year due to polluted air. This was discussed at the opening meeting of Tempo della Salute in Milan, which was also attended by Urbano Cairo, president and CEO of RCS. The meeting was also attended by Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Region, Anna Scavuzzo, deputy mayor of Milan, Raffaele Cattaneo, regional councilor for the Environment and Climate, Sergio Harari, pulmonologist at the San Giuseppe hospital in Milan, Pier Mannuccio Mannucci, emeritus professor of Internal Medicine at the State University of Milan. It is not only the fault of heating and cars: the cause of pollution in the city, paradoxically, can also derive from agriculture.


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