Inter, Conte and the criticisms of the game denied by the numbers. And Zhang wants to stay at the helm of the club-

So bad it is beautiful. Winning and dominating Inter do not like it, especially those who fail to stop it. The tenth victory in a row against Sassuolo almost put an end to the scudetto dispute, not the clash over the game of Conte’s team. “We don’t have the stench under our noses. Let’s not neglect the aesthetics, but if it doesn’t arrive the important thing is that the Scudetto arrives, it has been missing for too long. For aesthetics we will go to a center, we will have a facelift », the postcard from the technician to the critics. The coach has increased the dose by posting on social networks the video of the action of the first goal at Sassuolo, arrived in just 9 steps. Many ironic messages including that of Alessandro Cattelan: “Madonna how we play badly … how bad”.

The aesthetics of ugliness marked a radical change in the vision of twentieth-century art and as the former Nerazzurri underlines Aldo Serena, champion of Italy with the Inter of Trapattoni records, “Football is not a circus performance”. He had also said it later Max Allegri (“If you want the show, go to the circus”) when he was driving the unstoppable Juve, not the one redesigned to enchant but now 12 points behind the Nerazzurri and with the Champions League qualification to be won.

“If you play a certain way, you have a better chance of winning. Conte tried last year and at the beginning of the season a high and aggressive version of Inter. The idea was ambitious, but the team couldn’t hold that pace for ninety minutes. He realized this and changed, showing that he is not inflexible at all, but a very mature coach, capable of finding alternatives: it will not be spectacular, but concrete yes ».

Serena dismantles another criticism, that one of the monothematic Inter: bolt and counterattack. “It’s not like that at all. It is a choral team. He leans on Lukaku and climbs with the midfielders, attacks with Hakimi and the other winger, has a collective development of the action. Even the Inter of Trapattoni’s records were criticized at the beginning. We started badly, with the handbrake on, immediately out of the Italian Cup, in the end it was scudetto in a crescendo ».

Alessandro Altobelli is even more direct. «Who says Inter play badly? Those who stand behind and want to bring negativity. In Italy no one plays better than Inter, Conte doesn’t have to worry about this chatter. Let me understand: if Inter play badly but are first in the standings, with the best attack, the second best defense and have won 22 games out of 29, then what else should they do? Going to Lourdes? ».

«To do well in Europe too, where a more risky football is needed, we need them next year a left fielder, a Lukaku deputy and an assault midfielder, because today there is only Barella », highlights Serena.

Issues to discuss between Steven Zhang and management. The president could return to Italy next week. The Suning group has overcome the most acute phase of financial tensions, the idea of ​​the Zhang family is to continue at the helm of Inter. As soon as the corporate affair has been definitively clarified, the strategies for the future will be finalized. While waiting for the appointment at the beauty center, the Scudetto will be Conte’s first facelift at Inter, which is already so beautiful.

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