Iran: “Israel spreads lies to poison poison talks in Vienna”

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Following the rally on Tuesday of the first working group that discussed, at Iran’s request, the lifting of sanctions against it, the group that discussed overseeing the Iranian nuclear program convened in Vienna yesterday, but the Western delegations “smell” an intention to procrastinate on Tehran’s part. Iran blames Israel for the crisis of confidence that is beginning to form in the talks.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saad Khatibazda He said: “The Israeli regime, whose existence relies on creating tension, continues to spread and spread lies to poison the Vienna talks. All parties in the chamber face a test of their independence and political will to carry out the mission, regardless of false news destined to destroy.”

After representing Iran, Deputy Foreign Minister Cannery leaves, Cooling the enthusiasm of Western officials who watched the rapid progress of the talks said: “What is on the table after the first six rounds is a draft, not an agreement, and it is negotiable. Nothing has been agreed, until it is agreed.” Iran has also reiterated its irrational demand from the US for guarantees that it will not withdraw from the agreement again in the future and will not use the weapons of sanctions.

Senior Tehran officials told TV News: “Iran is ready to continue talks as long as necessary.” Representatives of the European delegations are interested in ending the current round of talks very soon. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that Iran has started operating lines of advanced ER 6 hubs to distill uranium to 20%. The frequency of inspections at the reactor at Purdue and Iran agreed in principle.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ Basij force, Golmarza Suleimani, said in a speech: “The United States withdrew from the region and was effectively defeated. Her allies are disappointed in her. “Israel is not the big problem, the United States is our great enemy. Israel has no future. We hear in their own news about their difficult internal problems.”

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French, British and German diplomats said of the information Israel provided to the United States that Iran was beginning to enrich uranium to the level of 90% required for bomb production and said that if Iran enriched uranium to a military level, it would jeopardize further negotiations. “It is impossible to enrich uranium to a military level and then say you want to go back to an agreement whose whole purpose is to make sure that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes,” they said.

Chairman of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in meeting with Chairman of IBA in Tehran (Photo: Hadi Zand / ISNA / WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS / File Photo)

Representatives of Russia and China met Robert Mali, The head of the American delegation who is not present in the courtroom. The Russian envoy said after the meeting: “The US confirms its readiness to remove all sanctions that do not comply with the nuclear agreement in exchange for Iran’s return to full compliance with the agreement. But in diplomatic contacts, the devil is in the small details and therefore the final list of sanctions that will be removed is up for negotiation. “

The deputy head of the Russian delegation to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, expressed optimism and said: “We are not far behind a return to the original nuclear agreement.” “Many criticize Iran for breaching its commitments, but all its steps are not irreversible,” he said.

China’s envoy to the talks said the US should remove all sanctions that do not comply with the 2015 nuclear deal, including those directed against his country.


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