Iranian hackers released a video of the attack in Jerusalem

An Iranian hacker group known as “Meta Moshe” published tonight (Thursday) new documentation of the attack in Jerusalem – from the footage of the security cameras at the entrance to the city.

The group’s Telegram reads that “For a long time, we have control over all your activities. Step by step and moment by moment. This is only the edge of our control over your activities, through access to security cameras. We said before that we will be hit where and when you don’t think.”

In the past, the group took responsibility for activating alarm horns in Eilat and Jerusalem. In addition to this, the group uploaded pictures of Defense Minister Benny Gantz online, threatened that he was under surveillance, and even published an extensive leak in which the data of hundreds of soldiers in the IDF, including their personal details, were exposed. In January of this year, the group published documentation from regular security cameras from all over Israel – from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

Last night it was reported in the evening news in Khan 11 that the security establishment still does not know who carried out the attack and to which organization they belong. The lack of knowledge highlights the intelligence failure in the attack that was planned by a squad that apparently has experience in preparing explosives.

As part of the investigation into the attack, the security system suspected that the terrorists were residents of the east of the city with blue ID cards, among other things because of the proximity of the scene to the area. The organization and level of preparation of the terrorists is still unclear, but the security officials stated that “sooner or later – we will get to the terrorists.”


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