Italy says “stop” – towel ban: restrictions for holidaymakers

Italy says “stop” – towel ban: restrictions for holidaymakers

2023-06-04 18:23:00

Entrance fee for visiting the beach
One beach particularly hit by tourist crowds is La Pelosa in Stintino on Sardinia’s north coast. “We have limited the number of tourists to 1,500 per day, entry costs 3.50 euros,” reveals Mayor Rita Vallebella. In addition, there is a strict ban on bath towels, which are otherwise lined up closely together. “We lost so much sand because of the beach towels,” explains Vallebella. “They are wet and all the sand sticks to them.” The fines for towel sinners should start at 100 euros. You can save yourself quite easily: with mats. Only they are still allowed – and now they sell even better!

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