Landini is asking for an extension of the stop to layoffs for all until 31 October – “We ask that there be an intervention on the issues of blocking layoffs, social safety nets and job protection in a general sense. a single date and run from 30 June to 31 October“the stop for everyone: the general secretary of the CGIL has asked, Maurizio Landini, during the hearing in the Senate Budget and Finance committees as part of the examination of the support decree, underlining that “it is important, we are still in the emergency, unfortunately we are not yet out of the pandemic “.” At the same time, discussions are open with the Ministry of Labor on the overall reform of social safety nets. Having this period that avoids opening the way to layoffs in our country is an important issue and we allow ourselves to face it “, remarked Landini.

What does the Dl Sostegni provide?

At the end of March the Sostegni decree approved by the CDM extended until June 30th the prohibition of individual and collective dismissal for economic reasons. The Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, has designed a double protection regime: until 30 June and until 31 October, depending on the sector in which the Covid-19 cash is used, pending the reorganization of the Cig and real services for work In particular, an extension is envisaged until October 31, 2021 only for companies that use ordinary check and cash in derogation, or small tertiary companies. The extension of the prohibition of dismissal does not apply to cases of definitive cessation of business activity, company bankruptcy, trade union agreement with voluntary retirement incentives.

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Extended redundancy fund

Another extended measure in support of workers is the Covid-19 layoffs, introduced by the Cura Italia decree and then renewed, through the Relaunch, August and Refreshments decrees, and ultimately for a further 12 weeks provided for by the 2021 Budget Law and usable until next March 31, 2021. The employer who suspends or reduces his / her work activities due to related events Covid can therefore request the wage integration measure without applying any additional contribution until 30 June.



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