Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of heart failure and its serious complications

Al-Marsad newspaper: The foreign website, “very well health”, revealed the reasons that lead to heart failure in many people.

And it can be prone to heart failure, when the heart muscle loses its ability to pump blood adequately, as a result of a defect in the arteries and high blood pressure, and the failure may be chronic or acute, suddenly attacking the person and affecting all bodily functions.

Reasons failure the heart

According to the mayo clinic, there are many causes that lead to heart failure, including “previous heart attacks, congenital heart defects, high blood pressure, coronary artery stenosis, and hyperthyroidism.”


Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms that indicate heart failure, in addition to swelling in the legs and ankles, rapid heartbeat, and persistent cough.

Other symptoms of heart failure include “a feeling of swelling in the abdomen, an increased need to urinate at night, rapid weight gain, chest pain, constant feeling of nausea, difficulty concentrating.”


Neglecting the previous symptoms and not going to the doctor can lead to severe chest pain that results in shortness of breath, frequent fainting, in addition to the possibility of a heart attack.

Methods treatment

Heart failure can be treated by treating the causes that led to it, whether with medication or surgical intervention by changing the heart valves, installing stents, or dilating and wiping the arteries.

And help control the level of blood pressure, and take diuretics to reduce the accumulation of fluid in the body, in the treatment of heart failure.

Also, following healthy habits, such as “eating fat-free food, reducing salt and sugars, sleeping enough hours, maintaining walking, and staying away from smoking” reduce the symptoms of heart failure.


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