Letters from readers II: Environmental inconsistencies

Letters from readers II: Environmental inconsistencies

2023-05-28 02:00:00

We Tucumans have no fix, for secondary environmental issues we rant against those who are more part of the solution than the problem. In a context where the per capita intake of sugar (the province’s main economic activity) falls precipitously, in which alternative productions such as lemons have entered into serious problems – whatever they say – in recent times Jorge Rocchia Ferro is the businessman who more has been played to generate authentic development alternatives for Tucumán. His determined commitment to carbon-neutral bioenergies opens the doors to providing effective solutions to the most serious global environmental problem derived from climate change. For this reason, it is contradictory that it is prosecuted precisely for secondary environmental issues for which it has made its best efforts to resolve them progressively and that could be totally resolved if the country implemented true decarbonization policies that remunerate bioenergies according to their real contributions. environmental.

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