Maccabi Tel Aviv lost to Lusk Linz 1: 0 / game summary

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Maccabi Tel Aviv lost tonight (Thursday) 1: 0 to Lusk Linz and missed an opportunity to secure a place in the eighth finals of the Conference League. The Yellows knew that a victory at Bloomfield would guarantee them the top of the first house, which is worth a ticket to the last 16 at the factory – a victory would have done the job and a draw would have brought them very close – but a late goal by Sasha Hubert (89) was decisive for the visitors. Lask which is ranked in the penultimate place in Austria was the one that celebrated at the end.

At the end of 5 rounds, Lasek with 13 points and Maccabi Tel Aviv with 10. The goal difference of the Israeli team is better, but it will no longer help it: what determines in head-to-head battles in case of tie is the internal balance between rivals Barak Itzhaki. In fact, the two games in the final round of House A will take place for the record only. Maccabi Tel Aviv continues to the knockout stage, where it will meet a team that has been relegated from the Europa League. If she beats her, she’s promoted to eighth.

The players in yellow were slightly better in the first half, reaching 2-3 chances, but were stopped by Alexander Schlager. In the second half, however, Yitzhaki’s team disappeared almost completely. While it seems that Maccabi Tel Aviv is giving up and playing to pass the time to end in a draw, Lasek put up gear and this time most of the misses were hers – until Horbat’s goal in the 89th minute. 0: 1 to Lask at the end and Maccabi Tel Aviv with a lot of work ahead of them.

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Bad performance and disappointing loss. Geralds and Cubas | Bernie Ardov

In the final round of House A in the Conference League, Maccabi Tel Aviv will be hosted by the Armenian Al-Sakart. The game will take place on December 9 at 19:45 Israel time.

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