Madhyamik General Secretary Urges for ‘Vande Bharat’ Train to Stop at Kovilpatti: Temple Bar

Madhyamik General Secretary Urges for ‘Vande Bharat’ Train to Stop at Kovilpatti: Temple Bar

Madhyamik General Secretary Urges Central Railway Minister to Stop ‘Vande Bharat’ Train at Kovilpatti

Temple Bar – Madhyamik General Secretary Vaiko has written a letter to the Central Railway Minister, urging that the ‘Vande Bharat’ train running from Nellai to Chennai should make a stop at Kovilpatti.

Starting from tomorrow, September 24, the ‘Vande Bharat’ express train between Nellai and Chennai will begin its operation. The train is expected to make stops at Virudhunagar, Madurai, Dindigul, Trichy, and finally reach Chennai. However, Vaiko, the General Secretary, has personally met with the Central Railway Minister and requested that a document be filed to include Kovilpatti as one of the stops for this train.

In a letter presented to the minister, Vaiko emphasized the importance of Kovilpatti as a prominent town in Tuticorin district. He noted that Kovilpatti is known for its match industry and is the third-largest contributor to Madurai Division Railway revenue, after Sivakasi. He argued that considering the significance of the city, the ‘Vande Bharat’ train should make a stop at Kovilpatti.

In response to Vaiko’s letter, the Railway Minister has assured that the request to include Kovilpatti as a stop for the ‘Vande Bharat’ train will be seriously considered.

The addition of Kovilpatti to the train’s route would not only provide convenience to the residents of the city, but it can also boost the local economy by enhancing connectivity. Travelers from Kovilpatti would have easier access to Chennai, a major economic and cultural hub.

The ‘Vande Bharat’ train, known for its high-speed operation, has become incredibly popular since its launch and has received positive feedback from passengers. Including Kovilpatti as one of its stops would be a significant development for the city and its residents.

Vaiko’s efforts to advocate for the inclusion of Kovilpatti in the ‘Vande Bharat’ train’s route have been appreciated by the local population. They believe that this step would open up new opportunities for trade and tourism in the city.

The Central Railway Minister’s assurance has brought hope to the people of Kovilpatti. They eagerly await the final decision on whether the ‘Vande Bharat’ train will indeed make a stop at their city, enhancing connectivity and facilitating easier travel to Chennai.


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