Mahadeepam on the 2,500-feet-high Brahman hill lit on the occasion of Karthikai Deepa festival-lots of devotees darshan

Singampunari/Sivagangai: On the occasion of the Karthika Deepa festival, the Mahadeepam is lit on the 2,500 feet high Pranamalaya. Near Singampunari is the Pari Anda Parambumalai, one of the seven valleys. Here is Mangaibhakar Thenammai Temple, a place made famous by Olavaiyar and Kapila. Karthikai Deepa festival is held annually in this temple which is part of Kunrakkudi temple.

Vetri Ganesha and Balamurugan sannithi are located on top of 2500 feet high Brahman mountain full of Neelak Kurinji and mountain honey. On the occasion of Karthika Deepa festival yesterday, the mountain lamp was lit at 4.20 pm on behalf of Balamurugan Thirupera at Balamurugan Sannidhi. This was followed by the lighting of the Mangaibagar temple Mahadeepam at the top of the hill at 4.30 pm. A large number of devotees attended and had darshan of Sami. Following this, Lakshadweep was lit at Mangaibagar Thanammai, Temple Sannidhi.

Later, palm leaves were lit in the temple premises. After lighting the Mahadeepam, more than 50 villagers in a radius of about 10 kilometers around Branmalai observe the Deepam and observe the Karthikai fast. Following this, Lakshdeepam was lit in temples including Singampunari Sethuka Perumal Temple, Siddar Muthu Vadukanathar Temple. People lit lamps and worshiped in their homes.

Similarly, Gudaivari Koil built in the 8th century Pallavar period, Bagampriyal built in the 12th century and Malaikolundiswarar temple are situated on a hill about 200 feet high in Tirumala village near Sivagangai. Shiva and Meenakshi are idols in the marriage kolam inside the Kudaivari temple built out of rock. Malaikolundiswarar is designed in the form of a reclining linga.

A lamp was lit at the top of the hill at 6 pm yesterday. The lamp was worshiped by a large number of villagers on the hill and from the lower part. Hundreds of devotees then went around the hill for a distance of 3 km to Krivalam. Chokkapana lighting ceremony took place in front of the temple at 9 pm. Many devotees participated in it.


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