Samuel Ettu after knocking down a fan outside the stadium FIFA World Cup 2022 | Qatar World Cup 2022 | Sports News

Cameroonian ex-footballer Samuel Ete punched a fan outside the stadium after Brazil’s pre-quarter match. The pursuer was kneed in the face while speaking into the camera with a microphone.

After the Brazil-South Korea match, Samuel Etu, who came out of Stadium 974, was surrounded by fans. After posing with the selfie, Etu moved on. Meanwhile, another person with a camera can be seen following Etavan and talking about something.

Enraged, Etu lunges at him. Kutuala tried to stop Etu but failed. Then he hit him in the face with his knee.

Neither FIFA nor the Cameroon Football Association have commented on the matter. Etu is also the president of Cameroon FA. He retired from football in 2019, having scored 56 goals in 118 matches. He played for Cameroon in four World Cups.

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