Massive protest against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Massive protest against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu


Benjamin Netanyahu is serving as the Prime Minister of Israel. A corruption case is pending against him.

In the meantime, attempts are being made to pass new legislation in the parliament under the leadership of Netanyahu to reduce the functions and powers of the Israeli judiciary.

If this law comes into force, the power of the Supreme Court will be reduced. It would also empower the Israeli government to defy the court’s orders. Likewise, the government will be empowered to appoint judges. People in Israel have jumped into protest saying that this is an act of paralyzing the judiciary.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Jove Holland criticized the government’s decision to bring changes to the judiciary. As a result, Prime Minister Netanyahu removed Defense Minister Hollande from his position.

Following this, people across Israel jumped into protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu who was bringing changes to the judiciary. Various organizations are also supporting the protests.

Tel Aviv airport workers also boycotted work in support of the strike. As a result, flight services were affected and Tel Aviv airport was closed.

Clashes broke out between the two sides when the police stopped the protestors. Protesters throwing teargas and water cannons are being dispersed. Yet, people in Israel continue to protest against judicial reforms.


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