Metalworkers, the celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Fiom are underway. The direct

Happy birthday Fiom: the union of metalworkers of the CGIL turns 120 years old. The celebrations with the initiative entitled “120 years of Fiom. The story continues“.

The day will be opened by the organizing secretary Luca Trevisan, and the interventions of Gianni Rinaldini (formerly general secretary Fiom and current president of the Claudio Sabattini Foundation) and of Maurizio Landini (general secretary of the CGIL), of young delegates and delegates and young activists of associations involved in the social sector.

The live broadcast of the celebrations at the Aula Magna of the School of Literature, Philosophy and Languages ​​of the Roma Tre University

The works will be concluded by the general secretary Francesca Re David. During the assembly, the intervention of Francesco Paolo Palaia is expected, who will illustrate the research project on the recent history of Fiom, from 1980 to today, which will involve a group of young historians, researchers, sociologists. The venue chosen for the event is a symbolic place as it is a former Alfa Romeo factory.

In this first initiative to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Fiom, young people will be put at the center of the discussion, who will speak and talk about the collective commitment in the union in an era in which individualism and loneliness prevail. A rider, a representative of the second generation of migrants, an agri-food worker from the Pontine area, delegates and engineering delegates and others will take turns on the stage.


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