MG’s electric roadster is coming

The British car brand MG, which is owned by the Chinese SAIC, will focus mainly on electric cars in the future and will leave behind the combustion models that brought it back to the public consciousness, both in Europe and Israel. One of the interesting announcements last year was about an electrified extreme sports car called the Cyberster that may appear in the next two years. Now they say that the time is approaching and on the occasion of the good news they are releasing a short video that hints at her unveiling.

In a video published on Twitter, MG shows the thin silhouette of the roadster and in it we see a little more clearly and less vaguely a design of a long and low front. Also featured is a folding fabric roof, an unconventionally designed steering wheel, two-tone sports seats and striking LED headlights. A rear spoiler similar to a ski jumper and a rear lighting design based on Union Jack symbols are the connections to the English foundations.

In terms of power, the Cyberster’s energy is provided by a state-of-the-art technology called Cell to pack that enables energy savings and higher and more efficient power availability. It’s a pretty sophisticated storage architecture that will reportedly give MG’s top-of-the-line car a very impressive range of 800 kilometers.

There’s nothing concrete right now about the Cyberster’s peripheral technology and dynamic capability. The production version of the Cyberster is rumored to be bolted on a new platform based on the E-Motion electric sports car concept that was introduced in 2017. The drive consists of a single rear motor, which accelerates the car from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds.

Looking ahead to the launch, MG stated that it wants to make an electric prototype car like the Cyberster a reality on the occasion of the brand’s centenary in 2024. As with the other models of the brand, the estimates are that the manufacturer knew how to market the vehicle at an attractive price, as it does with all its models and despite This is a two-seater car that will stand at the top of the range and will be used mainly for image purposes.


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