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Plain-me is Taiwan’s first well-known selection store that integrates virtual and real channels and provides cross-border services. It currently has 10 stores, and its annual marketing activities include more than 50 periods of cross-border joint branding, pop-up store curation and online marketing. As the scale of the enterprise continues to expand, Akko (real name: Liu Weizhi), the co-founder of plain-me, shared that after choosing JANDI as the core platform for enterprise instant messaging and team collaboration, it has brought about major changes in internal communication.

Help operators master the complicated internal communication process through enterprise communication software

The workflow of the grocery store business is relatively complicated, and every link in the middle relies on a lot of communication and confirmation to make each marketing activity complete smoothly. plain-me currently has more than 50 brands and thousands of items planned for each season. The complicated process relies on the product manager (PM) to communicate back and forth to master every detail. Therefore, plain-me desperately needs a set of corporate communication and collaboration solutions to enhance operational efficiency and enhance the integrity of the marketing process.

plain-me sees many key advantages of JANDI, among which the most attractive to Akko is that it allows managers to take control of communication.

Akko shared, “I haven’t used the desktop version of LINE so far. In the past, I used email or phone calls for work needs. I resisted LINE because it interrupted my work thoughts, and I didn’t like adding LINE to my colleagues. I thought LINE was Very private space.”Aiming at JANDI is designed for corporate communication and empowers the leadership to manage how the platform worksplain-me decided to transfer all work discussions and announcements to JANDI, to store the complicated and scattered official information in the past, and to help operators fully grasp internal communication issues.

Akko (Liu Weizhi), the co-founder of plain-me, believes that using LINE at work is easy to be disturbed and will also infringe on employees’ private areas. Photo Credit: Edelman PR

Changes and results after using enterprise communication software

1. Under the level-3 alert of the epidemic, use JANDI to implement remote management
In May last year, Taiwan’s epidemic situation suddenly entered the third level of alert, which had a great impact on the retail industry. plain-me used JANDI as an internal announcement platform to immediately release corresponding strategies to ensure the safety of all employees. Akko explained that they set up a topic of gathering all employees as a policy announcement. In the topic, only decision makers can speak. Plain-me immediately notified the store to close for one day and all employees immediately went to work at home when they learned of the level-3 alert. he responded,“Fortunately, we moved all our collaborations to JANDI. Even in the outbreak of the epidemic, we can still maintain high-frequency communication and keep track of the work progress of various departments. It is also because of JANDI that we can transition to remote office painlessly.”

2. The communication channels are effectively distributed according to the importance, and the number of email letters is gradually reduced by 50%
After plain-me was imported into JANDI, Akko moved all the detailed discussions to JANDI, and only the final decision will be released by email. he explained,“The modern workflow is trivial and involves a high degree of division of labor. Many decisions need to be made in a short period of time. At this time, JANDI can be used to collect information and feedback from various departments. If you use email to discuss, there may be fifty or sixty people for just one project. email.”In addition, JANDI can be set to allow the leadership to manage employees’ affiliation issues with unified authority. When a single employee resigns, he only needs to delete the account, which will not affect the operation of existing issues at all, and can retain the past discussion content.

3. The screenshot function communicates important matters in advance, and the meeting time is shortened by 20-30% on average
plain-me makes good use of the JANDI screenshot tool with a single topic string discussion, so that key reminders can be made on the discussion items before the meeting, which greatly improves the consensus of cross-departmental collaboration, and the number and time of internal meetings are shortened by 20~30%. Akko shared, “JANDI’s screenshot tool allows me to capture the block to be discussed in Excel or a presentation, convert it directly into a graphic file, and write comments below the graphic file to note where I am modifying the file, which helps us greatly improve the efficiency of our meetings , saving a lot of communication time.”

Photo Credit: Edelman PR
plain-me uses JANDI to optimize the work communication process, and the picture shows the plain-me topic structure screen. Photo Credit: Edelman PR

In the future, join hands with JANDI to continue to optimize marketing

In the future, plain-me will continue to use JANDI to maintain the operation of the current 10 stores and optimize the marketing process, so as to expand revenue and net profit and enhance brand competitiveness. Akko emphasized, “We think that JANDI can help us communicate more smoothly, fully present the most ideal marketing appearance in our mind, and believe that the performance will grow significantly.” In addition, plain-me also expects to introduce JANDI into store management , to assist store managers and supervisors to grasp internal office information faster, strengthen communication efficiency to improve customer service quality.

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