More than half of the new smartphones can use 5G

Se since July of last year, 149 smartphone models have come onto the market in Germany – 80 of them are radio in the new 5G network, according to the comparison portal Verivox. A year ago, only 33 5G smartphones were available in this country, according to an evaluation of the service. “5G-capable devices are no longer a niche existence, but are developing into the standard,” said Verivox telecommunications expert Jens-Uwe Theumer.

“While Chinese manufacturers still dominated the market in the previous year, none of the major competitors can now do without 5G mobile communications in their top smartphones,” Theumer continued. The price range for 5G devices therefore ranges from 200 to 2500 euros.

However, according to Verivox, the 5G network density cannot yet keep up with smartphone availability. The coverage is very different depending on the network operator. “According to Deutsche Telekom, 80 percent of the population is supplied with 5G, Vodafone gives just under a third of the coverage density. Telefonica only transmits 5G in some large cities; 1 & 1 has not yet set up its own network, ”explained the comparison portal.

In the meantime, it is difficult to quantify how great the demand for the new network standard is. According to Verivox, the main reason for this is hybrid antenna technology that can flexibly switch between 4G and 5G standards at most locations. That is why the share attributable solely to 5G is unclear.



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