Must live! These are the most expensive cities in the world; 2 countries shared first place; The list is out..

New York: The Economist Intelligence Unit released a list of countries with the highest cost of living. According to a new survey, the cost of living has increased by 8.1 percent as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war and the coronavirus pandemic. Here is the list of countries with the highest cost of living in 2022.

There are two cities in the first place. New York and Singapore have the highest cost of living. Israel’s Tel Aviv took second place. Hong Kong and Los Angeles are also in the third place.

4 Zurich, Switzerland

5. Geneva, Switzerland

6 San Francisco, USA

7. Paris, France

8. Copenhagen, Denmark is on the list.

172 cities of the world were considered for the survey. The rates of about two hundred goods and services were recorded here. According to another survey released in June, Hong Kong was the most expensive city in the world. New York got the second place. According to the latest survey, New York is the most expensive city.


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