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from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Venice

The actress receives the Golden Lion and tells about the choices of her second child

VENICE Nonconformist, brilliant, androgynous and physical charm of an eternal pin-up. Just as one imagines it. Daughter of two legends, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, the actress of «Psyco» Whose scream in the shower is equivalent to that of Munch’s painting, Jamie Lee Curtis arrives barefoot, shoes in hand, salt and pepper short hair. He is at the Lido for a double date: the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement and the film «Halloween Kills» by David Gordon Green (in cinemas from 21 October for Universal), the new chapter of the saga that has accompanied his career by the hand. But first let’s talk about your daughter Ruby who was named Thomas at the registry office. A news that has been around the world, and which recalls, on the contrary, the path of Chazz Bono, the son of Cher and Sonny Bono who was female at birth.

Jamie, is it true that you will be celebrating Ruby’s wedding next year?

“Yes, I confirm it.”

A kind of rebirth?

“We are all reborn every day. My mind is constantly changing. Life is a continuous metamorphosis ».

Was it a difficult process in a puritanical society like America’s?

“It’s not my life but Ruby’s. I am the mother and, from my point of view, the beauty of being a parent is in supporting and protecting your children. I will always be on his side. I try to be a good mom ».

Instead the relationship with his father, Tony Curtis …

“In fact, I didn’t know him. She got divorced when I was three and soon after she had two more children. What if I have suffered from lack of it? Not at all. It was my mother who raised me. ‘

She is the queen of horror films, a genre she doesn’t like, she said earlier, at the press conference.

“It’s not that I don’t like him, he’s not so kind: I hate him. But he gave me my life, horror fans are unique. And it allows me to be here at the Lido for the first time with a film. We are in a bubble, I live in reality and this is not the real world. Even as a tourist I can’t say I know Venice well, I discovered it with my husband eight years ago ».

The paradox remains: she hates what makes her successful.

“I am grateful to my character, Laurie Strode. I’ve been playing him for 43 years, I don’t think there is a precedent in cinema for a role with this span of time ».

In the film, she has long straw-colored hair.

“Laurie has changed too, in physique and character. Her anger coincides with that of women who suffer trauma and violence. John Carpenter is our mentor, as well as the author of the music: do you know he had a rock band and started as a musician, before becoming a director? Laurie has a daughter and a granddaughter. She thinks she killed Michael Myers, the mentally ill in the white mask who escaped from the psychiatric hospital and haunted her forever. The trail of blood extends to the entire town. This is the second film in David’s trilogy. Then the journey continues ».

Do you ever review your films?

«No, mai».

What are you afraid of?

«Of many things, above all of Afghanistan. If you see a photo of me as a child on the Internet, my eyes are wide-eyed. I have no training as an actress. I prepare myself emotionally. On the screen you see me scared and I happen to be really scared. Terrible things have happened to me too “(he refers to when he was addicted to opiate painkillers, ed).

What films do you save?

«Halloween”, “A fish named Wanda” e “True Lies“. They told me that in Italy “An armchair for two” it airs every year on Christmas Eve, so I put it as a fourth. This wave of affection, this sense of time flatters me, you are so different from the Americans. ‘

What does the Golden Lion represent?

«It is difficult to think of a career award, you give it when it ends. I feel more creative than in the past. But I am honored and grateful. I feel responsible for what you think of me, the job offered to me depends on it. Do you mind if I run out of shoes? ‘

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