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Some people sometimes experience an unpleasant feeling when they have a headache, and a specialist in ear and headache medicine in Russia, Dr. Anna Latsinova, gave advice on how to get rid of this headache.

The specialist mentioned several reasons that cause an individual to suffer from headaches and migraines, including lack of sleep, flashing light and stress.

Sticking to a specific time to sleep and wake up

The specialist confirmed that increasing or decreasing sleep duration may lead to headaches, so it is best to stick to a specific time to wake up and sleep.



Increased physical exertion may cause an individual to have a headache, so individuals must rest and adhere to the work regime, in order to get rid of headaches.


stress reduction

Tension is one of the motivating factors for a person’s headache, and if the headache is chronic, one must undergo a course of cognitive-behavioral therapy, to overcome psychological tension and get rid of nervous tension, which cause headaches.

Avoid stress

avoid hunger

Hunger is also one of the causes of a person’s headache, so the individual must avoid hunger and set a time for his food and stick to it, as well as stay away from drinks and foods that lead to headaches such as “sparkling” carbonated wine and hard cheese.

avoid hunger

Don’t drink too much coffee

Coffee is sometimes useful in relieving headaches, but it may be one of the causes of it if an individual drinks more than 4 cups a day.

Drinking coffee

Aerobic exercise

Specialist “Anna” confirmed that aerobic exercise in the period between two headache attacks is beneficial for humans, adding that practicing these exercises has a good preventive effect on pain.


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