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The best of Sicily. Already awarded multiple awards for his activity as Master pastry chef in the family model company, Nicola Fiasconaro, Cavaliere del Lavoro, receives another important honor: he is awarded the title of academic by the Georgofili Academy. This is a recognition that comes from one of the most prestigious academies dedicated to agriculture, a historical institution appreciated internationally for its commitment to the development of technical-economic activities and social growth.

The confectionery company, founded in 1953, is located on the edge of Castelbuono (Palermo) historic center of the Madonìe, dominated by the Ventimiglia Castle. In fact, it is the most vital productive pole in the area. On the academic title, Nicola Fiasconaro comments with satisfaction: “This important recognition rewards the commitment of our company for the promotion of the local supply chain and its resources through study and research activities”. He adds: “It is an appointment that goes to my whole family and even more to my father Mario who was able to transmit to me and my brothers Fausto and Martino the true values ​​of agriculture, which has always been considered a primary sector, not only for importance of its productive functions over time, but also because it has always represented the main source of our food sustenance ».

L‘Accademia dei Georgofili, in conferring the prestigious title on Maestro Fiasconaro, underlines its constant research and experimentation aimed at enhancing the best agri-food products of the Madonie territory, “reconciling tradition and innovation, with a scientific and rigorous approach”. The same approach that has always characterized the application of the specification for the production of Fiasconaro leavened products for special occasions, such as panettone and colombe, a worldwide symbol of quality Made in Italy. Furthermore, Maestro Fiasconaro will make an essential contribution to the periodic thematic events and seminars of the Academy, which has over a thousand members.

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Founded in Florence in 1753 on the initiative of Ubaldo Montelatici, the Accademia dei Georgofili has always promoted the studies of agronomy, forestry, economics and agricultural geography. With the unification of Italy it becomes formally national. And in 1897 it was recognized as a state institution. It is the oldest such institution in the world. Adapting the organization, methodology and work tools to the times, it has always maintained its role and the objectives set out in the articles of association. It includes presidents and academics, distinguished personalities, scholars and scientists. The Georgofili represent a tool for comparing and circulating ideas while maintaining the prestige of our culture, always in full respect of their motto «Prosperitati publicae augendae».

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