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The postponement to 2022 of the forty-fifth edition of the Nonino Prize does not curb the enthusiasm of the members of the Jury and of the numerous winners over time. Many of them, on the recurring day of the ceremony (January 30, 2021, last Saturday of the month), which was skipped this year due to the pandemic, together with the generous Friulian family that promotes the prestigious international award, celebrate with video messages or written memories. Here we propose some excerpts.

From the Jury, a name for everyone, Claudio Magris. Important writer who the readers of the Corriere are well acquainted with, since he has been collaborating with our newspaper for over fifty years. «This Award means concreteness, encounter, people who participate, present, concrete, alive. In all these years – says Magris – Nonino has rewarded exceptional personalities, contributing to the widest knowledge of their work and the values ​​it transmits. Great figures of literature, philosophy, science, art, work, the earth. Great figures from the most diverse countries, near and far. Our traveling companions ».

Alain Touraine, Nonino Prize to a Master of our time 2016, applauds the new project announced by the Nonino family: “The idea of ​​creating cultural meetings and debates in large Italian and foreign international centers – for example in Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, New York – me, Alain Touraine, French sociologist and above all friend and admirer of the Italian land and spirit, I will be happy to participate in this expansion of the magnificent Prize ».

The words of Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, Nonino Risit d’Aur Prize 2007: «In almost fifty years the Prize has been an important element for Italian culture. Not a nostalgia operation towards an outdated peasant world, but the awareness that the values ​​and memory of this world are important and must be preserved in order to design a sustainable future ».

The nostalgic memory of Mo Yan, Nonino International Prize 2005 and Nobel Prize for Literature 2012: «I had never witnessed such a lighthearted and friendly event before. The Nonino Prize is thus for me inextricably linked to the sense of hospitality of the Italians, to the natural beauties of Udine and its surroundings, to the delicious grappa, to the excellent food… ».

And Fabiola Gianotti, physicist, Nonino Prize 2013: «Even today the Prize promotes profound and modern values, particularly in keeping with the moment of crisis we are going through, including the love for knowledge and culture; respect for the planet and the environment, solidarity, the safeguarding of traditions and ancient knowledge ».

La scrittrice nigeriana Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “Nonino International Award” 2009, with his grateful dedication: “I lived the experience of the most wonderful Italian hospitality with the Nonino Family; moreover, my book had the opportunity to be recognized in Italy and internationally. I have been in excellent company with wonderful writers who had received this award in the past ».

The physicist Giorgio Parisi, Nonino Prize to a Master of our time 2005: «In this cruel year we have learned that we cannot save ourselves. There is no separate salvation for each of us. But this intellectual awareness must be accompanied by an act of love for all humanity. These are the values ​​that, since it was established, the Prize has always tried to exalt. The defense of tradition, of our roots, of affection and solidarity among men. Begun with a rooted vine, the Nonino has become a large tree that embraces many stories ».

Finally, the floor to Ryan Chetiyawardana, bartender, founder onlus P (our), Nonino Risit d’Aur Award 2018: «We are very sad that we cannot join the Nonino family, as the ceremony has been postponed. But we as P (our) are proud to have received the award in the past. We wish everyone our best wishes, hoping to be able to return to give our support to the fantastic prizes that support our world of food and drink ».

Below are the names of the participants in the greetings for the Nonino Prize forty-fifth year. The Nonino family: Giannola, Benito, Cristina, Antonella, Elisabetta and Francesca. Jurors: Antonio Damasio (president), Adonis, Giorgio Agamben, Suad Amiry, John Banville, Ulderico Bernardi, Peter Brook, Luca Cendali, James Lovelock, Claudio Magris, Norman Manea. The winners: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Nigeria), Anne Applebaum (USA / Poland), Gian Luigi Beccaria (Italy), Simone Caporale (Italy), Ryan Chetiyawardana (Great Britain), Yvens Coppens (France), Isabella Dalla Ragione (Italy) , Roberto De Simone (Italy), Giuseppe Dell’Acqua (Italy), Annie Féolde (France), Fabiola Gianotti (Italy), Peter Higgs (Great Britain), Alex Kratena (Czech Republic) and Monica Berg (Norway), Amin Maalouf (Lebanon), Javier Marìas (Spain), Giovanna Marini (Italy), Joerg Meyer (Germany), Jim Meehan (USA), Mo Yan (China), Martha Nussbaum (USA), Giorgio Parisi (Italy), Silvia Pérez Vitoria ( France), Carlo Petrini (Italy), Renzo Piano (Italy), Roberto Pinton (Italy), Damijan Podversic (Italy) Michael Pollan (USA), Ngugi Wa Thiong’o (Kenya), Alain Touraine (France), Edward O. Wilson (USA).

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