Omicron New Covid Variant Latest Updates Real Effect Siginificance Meaning | The real terror is still unknown, a dangerous virus called Omicron

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Once again, a Kovid variant has been discovered around the world, raising concerns again. The United Nations name for the Kovid variant B.1.1.529 is Omicron. The real danger of the virus is still unknown, but researchers say that it is a virus that can spread very quickly.

The Delta variant, which currently terrorizes the whole of Europe, belongs to almost the same series. Although the effects of omicron have not been determined, researchers point out that it can re-infect infected people.

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Vaccines have not yet been found to be effective for the new variant. This may take at least another week. The new virus was discovered in South Africa on November 24, exactly two days ago. The presence of the new virus was confirmed in a sample tested on November 9th.


Omicron is considered to be the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is also used as a technical term. Simply put, it is a Greek word.

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Shortly after the new variant was reported, all countries, including India, issued instructions for immediate action. Gulf countries, including the UAE, have also imposed travel restrictions and entry restrictions. The world is once again sinking into anxiety.

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