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PYONGYANG: A man has been sentenced to death in North Korea for distributing a copy of the world-famous South Korean series Squawid Game. The death sentence was handed down by a distributor who bought a copy of the Squid game from China and brought it to North Korea. He was reportedly shot dead and sentenced to death. Copies of the series can be downloaded via USB from him. Seven students have been jailed for watching the Squid game series illegally. One student was sentenced to life imprisonment and six to five years in prison. School teachers and administrators were fired after being fired for alleged involvement in the incident and sent to work in the mines as part of disciplinary action.

At the same time it has announced a comprehensive investigation into how the Squid game series came to the country from abroad in a situation where the country’s borders have been closed following the Kovid expansion.

It is an offense in North Korea to watch, possess or distribute films from foreign countries such as the US and South Korea.


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