OPS, OPS taken by prickly pear; Edappadi Palaniswami sema shock! – Devar community put up a poster condemning Edappadi Palaniswami in Madurai

After the demise of former chief minister Jayalalithaa, the factional infighting in AIADMK has become more visible after losing power.

Who is the leader of AIADMK? There is rivalry and conflict between Edappadi Palanichamy and O. Panneerselvam regarding this.

Following this, the AIADMK General Committee passed a resolution to appoint Edappadi Palaniswami as the Interim General Secretary. O. Panneerselvam and his supporters, who registered strong opposition to this, were removed from the party by Edappadi Palanichami.

Edappadi left the fort; The OPS team at Sema Khushi!
The investigation has been accelerated as the tensed OPS has simultaneously knocked on the doors of the BJP headquarters, the Election Commission and the court.

First, while the judgment was given in favor of O. Panneerselvam in the lower court, the judgment was favorable to Edappadi Palanichami when he appealed to the High Court.

Subsequently, O. Panneerselvam has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. As the investigation into this is expected to start soon, there is a lot of excitement in the AIADMK.

Dissolution of Tamil Nadu Government?; BJP Bhagir advice!
At this stage, when the support of the Devar community is considered to be strong for OPS, Edappadi was planning to turn him off socially.

In other words, the plan is to campaign against the OPS with former ministers from the Devar community who support him.

In this situation, OPS has sniffed Edappadi Palanichamy’s plan and is ready for anything. Accordingly, Edappadi Palaniswami went to the southern districts for the first time as the Interim General Secretary of AIADMK today.

Thiruma who gave a shoulder and helped; Chief Minister Stalin Sema Happy!
Former Ministers Sellur Raju, RB Udayakumar, Dindigul Srinivasan and others gave a rousing welcome to Edappadi Palanichami at Madurai Airport.

In this case, there was a great commotion because posters were pasted on both sides of the Virudhunagar-Tirumangalam road in the name of All Maravar Welfare Association, condemning the visit of Edappadi Palanichami.

In that poster, ‘Don’t come to our area by cheating 115 castes including 68 Traditional Tribes (DND) including Maravar, Valyar, Otter, Tiniya Nayak etc. and giving 10.5% to one caste…don’t come…don’t come. Thus, All Maravar Welfare Association’ has been said.

Key position for Kanimozhi; Excitement in DMK constituency!
Many people are surprised to see the political wisdom of O. Panneerselvam, who is giving shock treatment to Edappadi Palanichami, who planned to turn off the OPS as a community.


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