“Over 60 for maximum precaution”

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The AstraZeneca vaccine in Italy for over 60s is a “maximum precaution” against the risk of thrombosis, it is a “recommendation” and in any case those who have taken the first can also do the second dose “always with AstraZeneca”. To take stock of the situation on the Anglo-Swedish anti Covid vaccine, in the aftermath of the EMA conclusions, is the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri.

The EMA reiterated “the benefits of the AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine, however, since a small number of thrombosis has occurred in subjects under 60, as a precaution some countries recommend vaccination with AstraZeneca over the age of 60 as we are doing. and Germany “, explained Sileri, speaking to the microphones of the broadcast ‘L’Italia s’è desta’, on Radio Cusano Campus.

The vaccine, therefore, “is not prohibited under the age of 60 – he specified – but the recommendation is to use it for the over 60s, because in subjects over 60 this complication does not seem to occur. It is a recommendation, as demonstrated by the fact that those who you took the first dose with AstraZeneca you can also do the second one with AstraZeneca. These very rare complications have occurred with the administration of the first dose, they have never been observed in people who have taken the second dose “.

As regards the fear of possible delays in the vaccination campaign, Sileri remarked that “the vaccines continue to arrive, according to the timetable, progress is also being made quickly and it is possible that at the end of the month they may be even more than expected”.

“We are very confident in the doses of J&J in the second decade of April – he added -. There will be a greater effort by the Regions to reshape the vaccination campaign, guaranteeing the doses of AstraZeneca for the groups most at risk. The Government must give support to the Regions because the remodeling requires a change of course, but it is true that all this pushes in one direction: we first protect all people over 65 as well as the frail. All this will further improve the protection of the groups most at risk “.

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