Prandelli “on my resignation invented reconstructions” – Sport

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 28 – “A few days have passed since a painful, very painful decision of mine, and I realize that probably someone did not understand the true meaning of my gesture. Surely a minority but no less important, it is filling social channels with atrocities, invented reconstructions of facts that never existed “. Cesare Prandelli, former Fiorentina coach, expressed in a statement to ANSA his dismay at the reconstructions that run on the internet of the reasons for his resignation. “We should stigmatize and not give prominence to the lack of spirit of the so-called ‘keyboard haters’ – adds the technician, particularly struck by the intense gossip that was unleashed in Florence – but there is a limit and this limit has been exceeded. to my family, to the club but above all to my players who have never, I say never, disrespect me or have had offensive behavior towards me. ” “I appeal to everyone’s responsibility – concludes Prandelli – believe in the truth and do not run after phenomena without morality and ethics of civil life”. (HANDLE).


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