Primafrio wants to build a new base in Vilamalla with 245,000 square meters

Primafrio wants to build a new base in Vilamalla with 245,000 square meters

2023-08-14 06:30:36

In April this year, the logistics company Primafrio, one of the most important companies in the sector, through its company Ondina Capital SL, presented the Partial Urban Plan for Sector SUD-1 in Vilamalla, located in the Empordà Internacional industrial estate. The goal is to build some new logistics facilities on land of 244,872 m2 (24,487 ha) that “will allow him to expand the base without having to move location”, the document details. The area was mainly dedicated to agricultural activities and is composed of the land that goes from the conventional train track to Carrer Andorra, between Carrer de Castelló and Carrer Pla de l’Estany.

According to the report, the base will consist of two industrial buildings: one of 15,000 m2 and the other of 10,000. In addition, one will also be built petrol station, a washing machine, a workshop, a control area, offices and commercial and rest areas. On the other hand, inside the enclosure, there will be parking for 630 trucks and 62 cars, a water treatment plant, among other services. According to the documentation, the approximate cost of the urbanization works will be €2,107,970.

Rainwater management

The project was posted on the notice board of Vilamalla Town Hall and allegations could be submitted until July 28. From the council of Siurana d’Empordà they presented one, in reference to the management of rainwater, which, according to the report, would be channeled towards the Rec del Regatim, which is a small stream that carries water from Vilamalla towards Siurana and passes through the neighborhood of Baseia. In the plan it is detailed that, “with regard to the urbanization, a rainwater network is planned from the culverts on both sides of the Castelló road, which will collect the rainwater and lead it to the riera del Regatim”.

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From Siurana Town Hallpoint out that they have collected “the complaints and concerns of the residents of the neighborhood of Baseia”, i has submitted an allegation which concludes that “given the project, the areas of lamination should be increased around the Regatim riverbed. These are infrastructures to avoid and prevent flooding in the neighborhood, if there are periods of heavy rain.”

In this sense, Primafrio has presented different studies. One of them is a hydraulic simulation carried out by the ABM company for the 2,200 meter section of the Regatim stream. In this it is ensured that “the execution of the actions would not present in any case a modification of the hydraulic behavior of the watercourse, nor an increase in vulnerability and would not increase the floodability of the immediate environment, and, therefore, it is not would affect third parties. Consequently, in accordance with RD 638/2016, of December 9, which modifies the Hydraulic Public Domain Regulation, Zone 1 of the SUD-01 sector of Vilamalla, taking into account the proposed actions in this study, would be fully compatible with the flood risk identified”. In reference to this topic, from the municipality of Vilamalla they point out that they are waiting, “now that the partial Plan has been approved and must go through the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), Urban Planning and Environment and each body will make the corresponding assessment”.

Traffic improvement

For some years now, Primafrio has rented warehouses in the Vilamalla estate, with a large influx of trucks. In this sense, from the Town Council of the municipality, they also ensure that with these new facilities, traffic in the area will be ordered and mobility will be facilitated because the trucks will have a direct exit to the C-31 road. This will be the basis for going to the rest of Europe, “therefore, it is considered an important point in addition to representing income for the population”, they say from the council.

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