PS5 online competition function Playstation Tournaments is now available- Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

The official said that the first official PS5 tournament will include “Battle of Paladins: STRIVE”, “NBA 2K23” and “FIFA 23”. Players can now participate and win prizes in a series of special events, challenges, leaderboards, and more competitions created by the PS5 community.

This official launch will coincide with the first official event. From December 1st to January 31st, players can participate in a special tournament on PS5 and PS4 consoles: Win-A-Thon. Prizes include cash, PS5 consoles, the new DualSense Edge wireless controller, and more.

Win-A-Thon is a leaderboard competition where players can win and increase their overall ranking while participating in PlayStation Championships. Players with the highest rankings at the end of January will receive generous prizes.

The grand prize will be a DualSense Edge controller and Pulse 3D wireless headset accessory, and PS4 players will also have a chance to win a PS5 game console.


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