PVC floor bulges and rises; causes and solutions

PVC floor bulges and rises;  causes and solutions

We laid a PVC floor two years ago and now the floor is convex in the pantry. So we’re going to do odd jobs again to see how we can fix this, but first of all I’ve figured out how this floor is bulging and what we can do about it.

Floor is bulging; the causes and solutions

We have a VTwonen click PVC floor that we are actually very satisfied with. Only in the pantry is the floor convex and I think we know why. Now we just have to look for a solution.

What are the causes of a floor that bulges?

There can be several causes of course, but one of the causes that probably plays a role in our case is that the the surface is not completely levelled. In addition, I am also afraid that we have laid the PVC floor a little too tightly against the walls.

These can already be two causes of a floor that is bulging. Even though it is sometimes said that a PVC floor does not work, that is really not the case. So when laying a PVC floor you have to take into account that you really lay it according to the guidelines.

Consider, for example, letting your floor acclimatize before you start installing it. But also the space that is important to keep between the wall and the floor during installation.

We have done the latter quite reasonably in most places, but in the utility room we have also seen it a little tighter in a few places. Stupid, because there will be a plinth over it anyway, so leaving a little space at the walls, you won’t see it.

At PVCvloerenonline.nl I even read that in the do it yourself tips the space must be 1 centimeter from the wall, the frame and the radiator tubes.

We didn’t do that ourselves, especially with the window frames of the fronts that run down to the floor, because 1 centimeter is a lot, especially if you don’t want sticky skirting boards. And let’s be honest, no one likes that, right?

However, there is a warning about this, so if your PVC floor is bulging, then that is at least something you really need to look at.

A PVC floor that rises

Incidentally, it is not due to the quality of the PVC floor that it rises, I would like to indicate that. I really think it depends on the way we laid the floor.

In addition, I read that you when laying large surfaces of a click PVC floor, a dilatation must be installed every few metres to prevent your floor from bulging. An expansion is a gap that allows the floor to have room to work a bit.

We didn’t know this when we started laying the floor and personally I think that’s a shame, because that actually means that you have to put thresholds in your floor. Or that you see a seam running. This while we want to put the entire ground floor (about 180 m²) together for the most beautiful, sleek result.

What are the solutions if your floor is bulging?

Do you already have the entire floor in your house and does it only start to bulge at a later time, just like with us? Then you have quite a problem.

It is not easy to solve and the best thing is of course to remove part of the floor, until you get to that part where the floor is convex. In our case that is not possible, because then half of the floor has to be removed completely.

Another solution is to give the floor more room to move where it bulges.

We will do it this way:

  • In the places in the pantry where the bulge sees, we will give the floor more freedom from the walls
  • First we stick masking tape on the PVC floor up to where the skirting boards will come, so we know which part can be removed
  • With our multitool we are now going to saw off pieces at the edge so that we get more free space
  • Plinth over it and you won’t see it anymore

I hope that the above solution for the floor that is bulging works sufficiently and that we can move forward with this, instead of having to level the floor there again.

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