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The short-term withdrawal superimposes the plans for mandatory vaccination. But it happens in quick succession. Thursday and Friday: Talks, followed by an assessment.

Completely in the background on Thursday after the political quake around former Chancellor and ex-ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz, the preparations for vaccination. While the ÖVP now has to rearrange itself and possibly a castling at the top of the government is imminent, the Jaukerl should also be brought on track for everyone.

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Because after the vaccination summit on Tuesday, the last words have not yet been spoken. Constitutional Minister Karoline Edtstadler (she is a hot favorite for the Ministry of the Interior) and Green Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein will round up the opposition parties on Thursday. The goal: A consensus on the legal form of mandatory vaccination. “The results of this week’s discussions will be incorporated into the legislative proposal. This will ensure that the law on compulsory vaccinations is not only constitutional, but is also widely accepted in society,” emphasizes Edtstadler (ÖVP).

The only party not on board is the Blues. “An exchange was also offered to the FPÖ, but it refused. The offer is of course still valid, if the FPÖ should decide differently afterwards,” say the two ministries.

Last showdown before review on Friday

The next round of talks will start on Friday at 11 a.m. Four more meetings are planned. First, the social partners are invited to the Federal Chancellery on Ballhausplatz. In the afternoon, representatives from the health and care sectors will then take part in a joint discussion.

Afterwards, Minister of Education and Youth, Susanne Raab, welcomed the heads of the religious communities to a round table. And youth, student and pensioner representatives also come to the Corona vaccination talks. “The aim is to obtain the broadest possible range of opinions so that we can take this important step in the fight against the corona pandemic together,” said Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein about the preparations for mandatory vaccination.

The general compulsory vaccination comes from February

Next week the draft law on the general compulsory vaccination should then be examined. The compulsory vaccination can come into force at the beginning of February following resolutions in the National and Federal Council.

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