Rs.55 lakh gold fraud supervisor absconding Dinamalar

Coimbatore,- Police are looking for a ‘supervisor’ who cheated a gold bar worth Rs 55 lakh in a Coimbatore jewelery manufacturing company.

Emerald Jewels is a jewelry manufacturing company located on Sullivan Road, Coimbatore. Here, Jagadish, 34, from Veerakeral worked as a supervisor. The company provides gold bars to jewelers for making jewellery. They make jewelry and hand it over to the company. Supervisor Jagadish is responsible for checking the weight and quality of the gold jewelry handed over and recording it in the records.

However, it was found in the company investigation that he had registered false information and committed fraud. Thus, it was found that he had cheated 1,467 grams of gold for 55 lakh rupees. In this regard, Emerald Jewels Company Manager Karthikeyan lodged a complaint with the Variety Hall Road Police. Police are looking for the supervisor.

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