Russia attacks Ukrainian port of Odessa for second night in a row – News

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2023-07-19 00:18:00

Ukrainian air defense systems were deployed in the early hours of Wednesday (19th), local time, to repel a Russian air attack on the port of Odessa, in the southern region of the country. This is the second consecutive night of attacks on the site, said the governor of the region, Oleh Kiper.

Russia hit Ukrainian ports on Tuesday, a day after pulling out of a UN-backed deal to ensure safe Black Sea grain exports.

The decision to suspend the agreement aroused concern, mainly in Africa and Asia, with the increase in food prices.

The entire eastern part of Ukraine was under air strike alert, which began shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

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In other battlefield reports, Moscow and Kiev gave very different accounts of fighting in northeastern Ukraine on Tuesday.

In the six weeks since Ukraine launched a counter-offensive in the east and south, Russia has been launching its own ground offensive in the northeast. Moscow says the Ukrainian attack has failed.

A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said its forces had advanced up to 2 km towards Kupiansk, a major railway junction in the northeast region of Kharkiv.

But Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said the initiative in the area had shifted to the side of Ukrainian forces.

Maliar said Ukrainian forces had made new gains near Bakhmut in the east, a town that was captured by Russian forces in May after months of fighting.

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