Russia has suspended the development of a lunar super-heavy rocket

Dmitry Baranov, General Director of the Progress Rocket and Space Center (RSC), said that Russia had stopped designing a super-heavy rocket for flights to the moon. He admitted that the development of the rocket can be resumed after the completion of the program for its creation.

As part of the STK Elements development work, it was planned to develop elements and technologies for a super-heavy space rocket complex. The work was carried out by “Progress” by order of “Roskosmos”. The rocket was to be created on the basis of the Soyuz-5 and Soyuz-6 missiles being developed by the RCC.

In October 2021, it was planned to complete the technical design of the rocket, but at this stage all work was stopped, Mr. Baranov said. “RCC Progress” really stopped work on “Elements of STK”, – he told RIA Novosti. The general director of Progress admitted that the work could be resumed by the decision of Roscosmos. According to him, the RCC and the state corporation are working on clarifying the program for creating a space rocket complex for a super-heavy carrier rocket.

The Progress Center is engaged in the production of military products, missiles and satellites for Roscosmos, and also fulfills contracts for the production of missiles commissioned by the European company Arianespace. In May, Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, said that in the next two or three years, events would take place that would turn the idea of ​​Russian cosmonautics upside down. Among them, he named, in particular, the planned for October, the first in 45 years, the dispatch of a domestic automatic station to the Moon.

Read about Russia’s strategy in space in the publication of “Kommersant” “Flights in a dream and to the moon.”



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