San Giovanni a Teduccio, the neighborhood that doesn’t exist

twelve o’clock, April 8, 2021 – 07:37 am

A suburb that today is closer to the center but has no reasons for attraction

of Gianni Solla

When I happen to meet new people, at a certain point in the conversation, I have to tell each other where they live, so I declare that I live in Corso San Giovanni a Teduccio. I do not do it to annoy my interlocutor, just like that. So whoever I have in front of me does that thing of raising his nose to the sky relying on his nose and finally does not know where to orient his head.

After piazza Garibaldi but before Portici

I would say to clarify: we are after Piazza Garibaldi but before Portici, we have wide beaches with volcanic sand (although very few know them), and the new infrastructures have brought us closer to the rest of the city. The subway station, for example, did you notice that line two no longer ends in Gianturco? And then the university with the Apple Academy where they are working on your next app that will remind you to drink ten glasses of water a day. Some houses have been converted into B & Bs and it happened to see few tourists follow the signs for the metro stop. Okay, that’s fine, but why don’t the others in the city center know where we are? Are we just a crime news suburb on TG3 lunchtime, the perfect script for the next bombshell, stray bullet, murder for futile reasons? I answer myself in this way: because there is no reason to come there. Cities are living organisms, the economy and culture are its arteries, the routes only work if there is an exchange of this information. I try to refine the answer: there are no night clubs, of course, we are in a pandemic, but this was true even before, there are no department stores, there is no cinema, there is no bookshop. I repeat the last point: there is no library. We from the neighborhood emigrate to stock up on culture. Should I assume that we are a neighborhood without imagination? Despite the sea and the beaches, no political action was taken nor to encourage private individuals to create lidos with night clubs as happens for the Domitian coast, nor to keep them free and cared for.

It would have taken very little

It would have taken very little to make the neighborhood welcoming first of all to those who live there, making their natural resources available, but also to provide a reason to experience it as a non-resident. Instead San Giovanni a Teduccio remained an unfinished place, geographically close to the city, but far from the interests of other citizens. Social housing has stratified districts that compete with Beijing in terms of population density. Neighborhoods in the neighborhood that fragment the identity and make us even more anonymous. A territory with enormous potential, which was annexed to the city in 1925, but which, after almost a hundred years, still cannot really be part of it. For the first time in my life I can prove I’m right: the only pearl, the Nest theater, with its shows, has brought the city to the neighborhood.

April 8, 2021 | 07:37

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