Sarah Everard, clashes in London at the vigil for the kidnapped and killed girl –

Nulla may return Sarah Everard to her loved ones, but the 33-year-old kidnapped and killed in London while returning alone on foot on March 3 around 9.30 pm will never be just a name in the long list of women killed every year by a man.

His case, grim, meaningless, has given rise to Great Britain new life to the movement against violence against women.

Due to Covid, several demonstrations planned in the British capital as well as in other cities had been canceled, but a Clapham, in the park that Sarah went through on her last evening, hundreds of people gathered anyway, even going so far as to clash with the police.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, faced with the reaction of the police, wrote that «the scenes of Clapham Common are unacceptable. The police have a duty to enforce the restrictions against Covid, but from the images I have seen it is clear that the reaction was, at times, inappropriate and disproportionate. I demand explanations ».

For the rest, the protests moved online, while respecting the distancing hundreds of people showed up at the door of the house, in the squares with a candle, a torch, the light of the cell phone: a vigil to remember Sarah and to say enough. No more violence, no more fear.

Wayne Couzen, 48, a police officer of the parliamentary and diplomatic protection team, arrested on Tuesday, was charged yesterday with the kidnapping and murder of the woman. The victim’s remains were found in a wooded area near Ashford, Kent.

That any clues suggest it was a Scotland Yard agent who broke Sarah’s life he added a grotesque dimension to a case that outraged and moved the population. Through the media and social media, hundreds of women have told their story. Cases of violence, outrage of modesty, of restrictions imposed by a system in which the woman who goes out alone, very often, is afraid.

Also Kate Middleton placed flowers at the memorial: an unofficial visit, without an escort or a mask, because – according to what a source from Buckingham Palace al Mirror – the Duchess of Cambridge “remembers what it was like to walk the streets of London at night before marrying Prince William.”

“I’m 45, it’s 2021 and to all intents and purposes I have a curfew, like all women,” said Caitlin Moran, writer and journalist of the Times. “It is not a situation for which a way out is studied, it is assumed that when it is dark outside the women will stay at home. My day “out” ends at sunset. If I didn’t go out with the dog or run and it’s dark I give up ». Labor MP Diane Abbott said if she is alone and hears the footsteps of a man behind her she will cross the street. “A habit born to protect me. It shouldn’t be necessary. ‘ Kate McCann of Sky News he specified that Sarah’s choice, who on March 3 seems to have opted for a longer journey because it is better illuminated, recalls the calculations that all women make. Is the street dark? Can i run in these shoes? Do I have something I can defend myself with? “Every woman recognizes herself in your story,” Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon replied.

“Stop telling women to change their behavior,” added writer Elif Shafak. “Every woman has the right to go home without being afraid. It is this terrible misogyny that must be abolished. We need concrete and structural changes to protect women and girls ». In fact, before Couzen’s arrest, the Metropolitan Police had appealed to the women of Clapham not to go out alone in the evening. “The problem is not women, it’s men,” said deputy Jess Phillips, who regularly reads the names of women who died from the violence of a man in the House of Commons on 8 March: 118 this year. And men, it must be said, ask themselves: “Whether we like it or not, it’s our fault”, underlined on TV Chris Hemmings, author of the book Be a man. “We must all ask ourselves what we can do so that our friends, our brothers do not become violent.” It seems the beginning of an edifying debate. In Clapham, meanwhile, the park is filled with flowers.

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