School: Anita goes back to the square, tell us why classrooms are closed – First Floor

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(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 08 – Half of the Piedmontese students are now back in dad and the protest is back in Piazza Castello in Turin, with the children following the lessons in front of the Palazzo della Regione. “They close the schools, but they don’t tell us why. A total lockdown is better than just closing the school. It would make more sense,” says Anita, the 12-year-old who with her example inspired the protest against distance learning throughout Italy. “The so-called experts have been saying the same things for a year, but no one has anything and we find ourselves out of class,” adds Maya, a 16-year-old student of the Gioberti high school. “Of course we are angry – he adds – In my school there are practically no cases of Covid”. “After a year we are in the same situation – says Carola Messina, of ‘Priority to school’ – Then the ministry denies itself: first it says that the children of essential workers can attend the lessons face to face and then instead they take everything back. also to appeal “. (HANDLE).

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